Features of VUI Design Studio

Easy to use

Intutive tool

VUI Design Studio tool has been built keeping ease of use in mind. With a great drag and drop visual interface, Voxterity Voice User Interface Design tool is highly intuitive and can be mastered in no time.

No additional software required

Unlike other tools available in market, Design Studio does not require any additional software like Microsft Visio , Word or Excel. This minimizes your expenses as well as eliminates the version conflicts between Design Studio and Microsoft Office products. Please note that the documents created by VUI Design Studio tool can be opened and edited in Microsoft office software.

Easy Collaboration and Version Control

Design Studio has built in capabilities to easily connect to version control systems like SVN, Git and CVS. This enables users to create different versions of the Voice User Interface design, compare different versions and revert back to previous versions if needed. This also makes collaboration on projects easy.

Powerful tools

Create Grammar manifest

A grammar manifest file is a spread sheet that has the name of the speech recognition/DTMF grammar, the utterances that the grammar needs to recognize, and the interpretation the grammar needs to return. Speech scientists and grammar developers use this file to create DTMF and speech recognition grammars. With just a few clicks, Design Studio makes it a breeze to create grammar manifest file.

Create Prompt manifest

A Prompt Manifest is a spread sheet containing all the prompts used in a VUI. It also contains the verbiage for each of the prompts. This manifest is send to professional recording studio for recording. With just a few clicks Prompt Manifests can be generated using Design Studio.

Generate Detailed Design Specification

One of the tasks performed by Voice User Interface Designer, after creating a VUI design, is creating detailed design specification document and distributing it to various people involved in the project like business analysts, programmers/developers, project managers and other stake holders. With a few clicks you can easily generate Detail Design Specification document that can be distributed to the team.

Generate TTS based audio files

While you are waiting on professional voice recordings, instead of recording the prompts internally with one of the employees, Design Studio can be utilized to create voice recordings using built in Text To Speech (TTS) engine. Just provide the prompt manifest file as input to Design Studio and recordings will be generated with in minutes.

Cool extras

Free training

Design Studio VUI design tool is so intuitive that we believe you don’t need paid training to use it effectively. We have provided video tutorials and hands on tutorials in our tutorials section. These are all free, cover all the topics and can be completed in just hours. They will make you productive in a very short time.

Todo/Task List

While designing the VUI you may have to maintain a todo list or task list to keep track of things. Design Studio can be used to keep track of your tasks. You can also export your todo/task list in the form of an excel file.

Customizable interface

Look of Design Studio can be customized to suit your tastes. The size, type and width of the grid lines as well as color of the elements are some of the things that can be customized.