Use the following steps to recieve support

1. Tutorials

We have created tutorials to walk you through all the common tasks. Go through the tutorials/educational material to see if you can find the answer there.

2. FAQs

If you can’t find what you are looking for in tutorial section, check the FAQ’s to see if your question has been already answered there.

3. Forum

If the above two steps don’t provide you the information you need, post your questions on our forum. We actively monitor the forum and will respond to your question promptly.

4. Email

If you don’t want to post your question on our forum, you can also send an email to

If you have already installed the product, while posting on the forum or sending an email, please include file along with details. To generate file, while in VUI design studio, click on Help > Report A Bug and then click on “the zipped log file” link.