Professional Services

We empower contact centers to provide best in class customer service

In today’s digitally connected society, customers expect companies to answer their questions in their channel of choice, whether it be email, instant messaging, telephone or social media, and at their preferred time. Voxterity LLC, with it’s depth and breadth of knowledge in contact center space, empowers enterprises to provide best in class customer service.

Services we provide

  1. Development of custom software, web sites, and database systems for use in contact centers / call centers to aid in customer service monitoring, quality assurance and business intelligence
  2. Provide business consulting, management, and planning services for contact centers / call centers
  3. Data analysis and actionable insights for contact centers
  4. Technological planning, design, implementation and consultation services in the field of telephony contact centers
  5. Business technology software consultation services

Our areas of expertise

  1. Voice User Interface (VUI) design and tuning
  2. Speech science including grammar development
  3. Agent desktop custom development
  4. Technology planning, implementation and support
  5. Business process planning and optimization
  6. Contact center work force management
  7. Custom reporting and business intelligence
  8. Custom software development
  9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  10. Unified communication and telephone call routing strategies